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Hi, I’m Denise from Denise Designs. I design and build beautiful, professional websites – but the best part about me is that I work from home. This allows me to charge a more affordable rate for the same high-quality studio product.

Each website is designed by yours truly, and they’re all modern yet unique, as I cater each design to their own custom branding and company style.

With over 10 years of experience, I can provide a wide range of selling features such as regular call to actions or floating buttons, popups, online stores, and integrations with big brands such as Afterpay or MailChimp.


My favourite thing is that I use the latest, highest quality plugins to make it simple for you to edit your website all by yourself – if you wish. Once I’m done I send you video instructions on how to edit and manage it, along with 6 months of free ongoing support.

Your website will be fully flexible and expandable down the track. And what’s more, you’ll own your website completely with no never ending payments.

For a free quote, click here. Hopefully, I hear from you soon.

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